David WinstonDavid Winston, Inc. has been providing research as well as designing and developing products for the herbal and nutritional industry for over 25 years.  

Our customers have included small start-up companies, established herb/supplement manufacturers, and multinational pharmaceutical companies.  Projects for these companies include product design from start to finish, raw material sourcing, product redevelopment, supporting research and data for new or existing products, DSHEA documentation for structure/function claims, and patent claims feasibility research.

Our many years of experience and our 9,000 volume research library allow us to do research and product development in a cost effective yet very detailed manner.  Customer confidentiality is assured and we design effective, safe, and thoroughly researched products – some of which you may already be using!

The American Indian Herb Co.

Astor Chocolates

Bayer Home Products

Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson

Natural Aid, Inc.

Natural Dietary Products

Peninsula, Inc.   

Vegetarian Health, Inc. 

Yerba Prima

...and many more!