Healing Plants for Body, Soul and Psyche

What You Will Learn:  
● How to identify the unique type of depression that you or someone you love is suffering from
● The most effective herbs for "Old Age" depression, Thyroid-­induced depression, SAD, and other types of depression
● The root causes of a depressed or anxious emotional state, and what to do about it  
● The best herbs for calming your nerves in stressful situations and how to take them so that they actually work!  
● The link between physical ailments and depression, and the tell­tale signs that reveal where the disturbance is in your body
● Which herbs work best for strength, stamina, and stress relief, and how to combine them for maximum effectiveness
● The top "Brain Herbs" to increase cognitive function, alertness, and focus
● And More!

How It All Works:
● The course consists of five 60­-90 minute modules, plus two bonus modules  
● The course is offered as both a downloadable video slideshow and audio format
● You'll also get detailed supporting information in downloadable PDF format.   
● You will also have access to David Winston, RH(AHG) in two online Q&A sessions  
● Detailed, full­-color images of each herb that David discusses
● You will own the course and can access it at any time, enabling you to listen as often as you like. It is a powerful life asset that is yours forever
Bonus Gifts:

When you join the course, you'll also get these two powerful video classes for free, both taught by David Winston (currently only available for participants of this course):
1. Medicines of the Soul: The Ritual Use of Plants
2. Take an Herb Walk with an Experienced Herbalist

Get the full details on these bonuses and the entire course (and watch the free training videos!) here!