Saw Palmetto for Men & Women

Saw palmetto, best known today for easing prostate discomfort, has been used for generations to treat a vast array of ailments in men and women.  This powerful herb boosts the immune and endocrine systems and combats male and female infertility, ovarian pain and cysts, urinary tract and lung problems, weak libido, anorexia, cystic acne – and possibly even male baldness.


David’s book is as brilliant as he is; this, the absolute best treatise on saw palmetto, is excellent in every way.

- Rosemary Gladstar

David Winston is one of the most respected herbalists in America, and his knowledge shines through in this book.  In some ways it is incredible.  He reviews the literature going back several centuries, and clearly explains the known ethnobotanical and scientific literature in easy to understand terms.  Lots of solutions for genitourinary and other related health problems are described.  I should know – this book gave me the answer to my son’s difficult to solve acne problem.  Get this book.

- Alan Tillotson, Ph.D., AHG