May 29 - June 1, 2015

Medicines From the Earth

Black Mountain, NC

Topics include:

·      Early childhood development as a basis for mental health

·      The gut/brain connection and the microbiome

·      Ayurvedic prevention and treatment of skin disorders

·      Managing panic disorders with botanicals

·      Omega-3s and mental health

·      Botanical influences on neurotransmitters and effects on mental health

·      The cytokine connection to insomnia

·      Plant walks, medicine-making demonstrations, panel discussions

Pre-conference intensives May 29:Using Botanicals to Address the Link between Stress and Cancer Risk/Morbidity with Donald Yance. Ethnobotanical Field Study with David Winston.

Herbal experts also include : 7Song, Mary Bove, Jerry Cott, Walter Crinnion, Doug Elliott, Steven Johnson, Robin McGee, Kenneth Proefrock, Dr. Shubhangee Satam from Mumbai, India, Jill Stansbury, and Elizabeth Sustick. Early bird registrationApril 17

Photo ©Kolin Toney,