Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief

In our modern world we live such stress filled lives.  Stress is now seen as an initiator and cofactor for much of our chronic degenerative disease.  Stress reduction techniques can be of great help, as can healthy relationships, good diet and adequate sleep.  One other key for reducing stress and enhancing well being is the use of adaptogenic herbs.  Here at last is a detailed introduction to the rational and effective use of adaptogens, nervines and nootropics to improve cognitive function, restore immune and endocrine balance and promote increased mental and physical well being.

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Adaptogenic herbs can be most useful in the quest for health in our stressful society. David Winston and Steven Maimes explain and champion the use and benefits of these important herbs.

- James A. Duke, author of The Green Pharmacy

I am delighted to hear David Winston's voice reflecting his skill and wisdom as a herbalist in the book Adaptogens Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress. This book brings to the reader the opportunity to learn from both the traditional herbal knowledge on this important subject along with the information coming to the subject from science and modern technology. The book has the flavor of a more traditional herbal bringing in the subtle skill of energies unique to each individual plant which belong to this group and introducing the reader to the concept of formulation of adaptogen plants. The reader can truly begins to experience the Art of Herbal Medicine reflected in David's writing voice.       

- Dr. Mary Bove

Essential reading for all involved with adaptogens, whether practitioners or consumers. This is the first comprehensive guide to adaptogens based on good herbalism, good science, and NO hype! A truly excellent book.”  

- David Hoffmann, NIMH